NOKIA 6220c Complete Solution Repair Exe 2012


HTC XDA Bluetooth solution.

HTC XDA Camera solution.

HTC XDA Ear speaker solution.

HTC XDA Light solution.

HTC XDA mic solution.

HTC XDA Mic ways.

HTC XDA Not charging solution.

HTC XDA Power switch ways.

HTC XDA Ringer solution.

HTC S740 Network solution.

HTC S740 Network solution.

HTC Inspire 4G A9192 (HTC Stallion) Unbrick, Boot, IMEI, CID, ModelID, Unlock support

HTC Innovation S620 not charging solution

HTC Innovation S620 ringer solution

HTC Innovation S620 sim solution

HTC Herald camera solution here.

HTC Herald Down keypad solution.

HTC Herald Light solution.

HTC Herald mic solution

HTC Herald network solution.

HTC Herald not charging solution.

Re: [ HTC HD2 Leo ] Resurrection DONE :D

HTC Diamond On/Off ways

HTC Diamond

HTC Diamond On/Off ways

100% work... tested...

Htc a8181 heng after hard reset

Do hard reset and every thing will be ok.

For hard reset follow this.
  1. Turn the power off. If your HTC Desire is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it
  2. Hold the Volume Down button
  3. Press and release the Power button
  4. You are now presented with a menu that allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock
  5. Select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button
  6. Press and release the Power button
  7. Now simply confirm your decision: Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO
If you selected YES, all data including third-party applications will be deleted from the HTC Desire. Once the wipe is complete, the phone will reboot to its factory fresh state.

and also can see

All HTC Sapphire Offical Room

HTC Sapphire Magic

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.17.401.2_HTC_PTG_release _signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_TIM_IT_2.15.901.4_release_signed_NoDr iver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2174012_HTC_ELL_release_si gned_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Asia_WWE_2.16.707.3_SG_release_si gned_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.20.401.2_HTC_Nordic_rele ase_signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.3_release_signed_ NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.17.401.2_HTC_PTG_test_si gned_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_Hutch_AUS_3.05.861.2_release_signed_n oDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.04.401.2_HTC_AT_test_sig ned_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_Rogers_WWE_2.17.631.2_release_signed_ NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_Hutch_AUS_2.17.861.2_release_signed_n oDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Arabic_Etisalat_2.56.494.7_releas e_signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_Vodafone_SPA_1.91.164.1_DRC92_signed_ NoDriver.exe

HTC_Magic_RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.17.401.3_Vodaf one_RO_release_signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_Vodafone_GER_1.91.162.1_DRC92_signed_ NoDriver.exe


RUU_Sapphire_Vodafone_Generic_2.20.151.4_GR_test_s igned_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_Vodafone_Generic_2.16.151.3_GR_releas e_signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Asia_India_3.05.720.3_release_sig ned_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_ChungHwa_3.03.751.4_R_release_signed_ NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_Vodafone_FRA_1.91.163.1_DRC92_signed_ NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.17.401.2_HTC_Nordic_rele ase_signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.3_HTC_ISR_release _signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.16.401.6_Vodafone_CZ_rel ease_signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_TMUS_1.94.531.1_DMD6_release_signed_N oDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_Vodafone_Mobilkom_1.91.177.1_DRC92_si gned_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.20.401.2_HTC_ITA_release _signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Asia_WWE_3.03.728.4_SEA_release_s igned_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Asia_WWE_3.03.707.5_R_SG_release_ signed_NoDriver.exe


RUU_Sapphire_Vodafone_GER_1.89.162.1_CRC24_signed_ NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_SMC_Voda_WWE_3.03.990.6_release_signe d_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.20.401.2_HTC_PTG_release _signed_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_Rogers_WWE_3.05.631.7_R_release_signe d_NoDriver.exe


RUU_Sapphire_HTC_WWE_S.Africa_3.05.421.3_release_s igned_NoDriver.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Asia_WWE_2.53.707.2_SEA_test_sign ed_NoDriver.exe

ZTC 6070 Charging Solution

Samsung Downloader Collection 2012

Apollo v4.21.exe
Apollo v4.32B.exe
Apollo v6.10.exe
Becks2 Downloader v03 - i740.exe
Bordeaux Downloader v01 - i710, i718.exe
BROADCOM Downloader v0.97 - S3310.exe
MSM7255 MultiDownloader v90.exe
MultiLoader V5.31.exe
MultiLoader V5.53 QSC6240.exe
MultiLoader V5.56.exe
MultiLoader V5.60.exe
MultiLoader V5.61.exe
MultiLoader V5.62.exe
MultiLoader V5.63 E2.0 QSC62XX.exe
MultiLoader V5.64.exe
MultiLoader v.5.65 .exe
Octans Downloader v2.0 - i8000.exe
Odin Multi Downloader v3.98 - i7500.exe
Symbian ROM Flashing Tool v1.52(CODE, CSC, CP) For Main Line.exe
UMDL v1.0 4.5min - i780.exe
USDL GrandPrix v1.6.2 XP - i900.exe

PolarFIS CAN Reader

PolarFIS CAN Reader (Sniffing tool)

PolarFIS CAN Reader image (Sniffing tool) : Direct link (descarga)
Instructions manual (in english) : Direct link (descarga)

Hi to all,

PolarFIS Can reader
With best regards, [ \W3nd|g0 ]

blackberry 9300 usb ways tested 100%

blackberry 9300 usb ways tested 100%

New Nokia Cable Finder Version Released

New Nokia Cable Finder Version Released

Nokia Cable Finder Version-8



Nokia Pinout 2012


Nokia x10-01 (2 Sim) Pinout

Nokia x10-01 (2 Sim) Pinout

HOT collection of tricks jumper

  (all model jumper here )

HOT collection of tricks jumper (all model jumper here )

Huawei 2901, 2905 Headphone Symbol Solution

Flash Tool Format unlock China pinouts guide

Flash Tool Format unlock China pinouts guide


All PKEY Safe from Unlock BB5+ and UBL Zulea software [PKEY KILLER REMOVED] AIO

Full BB5 and BB5+ Unlocking Kit and PM120 Repair Tool V1.7

BB5 Plus 2.01 It will not Kill Pkey

BB5 Easy Service Tool

BB5 Easy Service Tool - Updates and News

BEST Ver. 1.08 uploaded on support area.

- USB flashing improoved
  • Updated flashloaders
  • Improoved RAPUYAMA/Rap3gV4/Broadcomm flashing
  • Improoved N96 flashing
  • Improoved S60 RAPIDO flashing
  • Improoved old S40 boot/flashing
  • Improoved S40 dead mode cntent writing especialy for old models
  • Improoved AfterFlash operations
  • Added Certificate (NPC/CCC/HWC) backup in USB normal/Dead flashing
  • Some cosmetic changes and bugfixes
- UFS support added
  • All service operations are supported
  • All user data operations are supported
- RPL read added for new BB5
  • Also can be used for dead-to-test mode without need select flash-files
- User Data operations improoved
  • S60 Symbian 9.3/9.4 phonebook write activated for some special cases
  • DCT4+ gallery/SMS read improoved
- Service operations improoved
  • E-series code reading improoved
  • FunLabel improoved
  • SelfTest improoved (especialy for new phones)
  • Improoved and rebuilded connection for DCT4+/Infineon/WD2 phones
Download link

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