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Doesn't anyone else want to post something regarding this subject?

It happens on my friends X3-01 as well but the difference is that after approximately 5 minutes the screen starts working again. On my C3-01 you have to remove the battery so that I can switch the phone on again.



hi, i got the phone two weeks ago and everything was working fine.

recently every now and then the touchscreen decides to stop working. (the keypad continues to work)

i did the following:

- removed SD card (2gb) and used the phone without it to check if the problem occurs again.
- soft reset of settings
- checked for software updates, no updates found (5.65)
- even without new updates i used nokia update manager to re-install the current firmware
- changed sim card

none of the above helped.

the other thing i noticed is that this issue doesn't have a specific pattern. this 'disabling' of the touchscreen occured when:

- answering the phone while being locked.  (i couldn't unlock afterwards)
- receiving messages while viewing inbox
- receiving message while calling
- after leaving the phone for a long period of time.
- right after using bluetooth transfer
and more that i cant really remember right now.

i dont know if we should assume that it's not some specific application or style of use that causes this problem.

could this be a hardware problem? how could it be a hardware problem if at any other time the screen functions perfectly.

my gut feeling says that it's the touchscreen ''service'' (software) that fails.




I have been reading this thread with interest mainly because my wife was having the same problem.
Now, although the phone had been immersed in water some 6 months prior to the time that the trouble started I rather thought that the behaviour was still seemingly somehow software related.
Fearing that the phone was on its way out, I firstly made a full backup, contacts messages etc.

Issue 1: The backup does not finish cleanly. Software Bug, Nokia please fix.
The disable of the touch screen seems to be triggered when ever she received a phone call that lasted more than a few minutes. It looked like a hardware fault, yes, but I upgraded to the newest software version anyway V06.00 28.03.11 was installed. Seemed to install ok but the touch screen problem persisted.
After a bit of reading I saw that it was possible to do a HOT restore. Key combo (*#7370#),
Not for the feint hearted.
Issue 2: As with the backup this did not finish cleanly so I went for broke after about 3 hours of a white screen and switched the phone off (bye bye phone?), and back on again, it is working fine! No sign of trouble.
Is that symptomatic of a hardware fault? Maybe it is, but if I tried to tell someone that at the place where I worked I would be given short shrift, to say the very least.
Now look at the length of this thread, this is a much loved device, please investigate and tell us specifically what the hardware or software problem is.
Oh yes Issue 3: The restore of the backup does not complete cleanly although it is apparently successful, software bug please fix.
Don’t mean to sound self-righteous here but at least Apple tell us when we “aren’t holding it right”.