Nokia 500 Earpiece Speaker Problem Solution

This solution covers for Earpiece Speaker problem on Nokia 500 with a 3.2 inches display, TFT capacitive touchscreen phone and  runs in Symbian Anna OS. If somehow when the speaker goes wrong and no indication of any audio can be heard over the speaker during when a call has made. This may sometimes happens due from like wet or water damages, and any accidental damaged  that might cause the speaker stop working.

This solution provides some simple hints on how to fix it, just take a minute to analyze and locate the speaker parts and the entire connection on the PCB board as shown on the solution image below.

Gsmangel Nokia 500 Earpiece Speaker Jumper Solution
GsmAngel Nokia 500 Earpiece Speaker Repair Solution
Hints in troubleshooting Nokia 500 Earpiece Speaker

1. Start to check with Speaker assembly, it is located at the top of the board behind the LCD screen.
2. Check for possible corrosion build ups, speaker terminal bending. Clean it including the speaker terminal pads or aligned it again if either the connection might be weak. 
3. Check the speaker using a multimeter. Set the tester to X1 and check if there is crackling sound can be heard and the tester responds. If no indication of anything, the speaker is already burned out or damaged. Replace it at once.
4. If the speaker is okay, and still there is no sound can be heard, check the firmware. Update it or do re-flash.
5. If the problem still exists, the possible faulty is the GAZOO ASIC chip. The only solution for that is to rework or replace it if necessary and that's need a good soldering skills to do it.
Warning: If you do not have much skills on how to to re-ball or install a BGA chip, just leave it to the experts. Attempting to touch that chip without expertise will cause the phone dead in no time.

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