2900i in relince free internet unlimted download

Installing the Drivers and Modem.
1. Open the folder C2900i.
2. Double click on Driver Install.
3. Click on Install.
4. When Installation completed Click on Close.
5. Now, Switch on the Mobile.
6. Connect the Data Cable to Mobile than connect it to the Computer or Laptop.
7. The mobile will Restart automatically and Found new hardware screen will appear.
(If the mobile does not restart Switch it off, Switch it on and connect the data cable to the PC)
8. Select Install the software automatically (Rcommended) and click on Next.
9. When Completing the Found new hardware wizard screen will appear click on Finish.
10. No. 8 and 9 Process will happen for three times.
11. Now, Go to Start > Setting > Control Panel.
12. Click on switch to classic view (if needed).
13. Double Click "Phone and Modem Options".
14. If location information is needed select "India" in Country/region box, type "00"(Double zero) in Area Code, Select "Tone dialing" and click "OK".
15. Now, Click "Modems" tab.
16. Now select the "HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Modem" and click "Properties".
17. Select the "Advanced" tab.
18. Type "AT+CRM=1" in extra initialization commands.
19. Click "OK".
17. Again Click "OK" to go to Control Panel.

Setup the Dial up connection.
1. Go to Start > Setting > Control Panel.
2. Click on switch to classic view (if needed).
3. Double Click on Network Connections.
4. click on file > New connections.
5. click on Next.
6. Select Connect to the internet and click on Next.
7. Select Set up my connection manually and click on Next.
8. Select connect using a dial-up modem and click on Next.
9. Select HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Modem from the list and click on Next.
Note:- No. 9 screen will appear only if more than one Modem is connected.
10. Type the connection name as Tata and click on Next.
11. Type the Phone number as #777 and click on Next.
12. Type the user name, password and confirm password as internet and click on Next.
Note:- User name, password and confirm password typed in small letters only.
13. Select the check box Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop and click on Finish.
14. Click on Dial to connect to internet.
15. Once connected Tata is now connected notification appears.
16. Now, Open Internet Explorer and start browsing internet.

user name sam1 or password password

go to START >All Programme>accessories>Communication>NEW Connection Wizerd
Click on NEXT>Connect to internet
set up my connection manually connect using a dailup modem
Phone NO. #777 click next
user name 116 and password same confirmation password same

click on Add to shortcut to this connection on my desktop

2900i driver

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